The first life stages are essential for future growth.

It’s an undisputed fact in aquaculture: the quality of the first life stages of the animals is essential for future growth. With balanced larval feed formulas and nutrition additives, we help prepare larvae, post-larvae, fingerlings and juveniles for proficient growth. Our knowhow optimises their strength and their immune system, resulting in proficient growth performance. 

-       Live food

-       Enrichment

-       Larval fish diet

-       Larval shrimp diet

-       Nursery fish diet

-       Nursery shrimp diet

-       Additives

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Living conditions need to be carefully controlled

Animals are most likely to thrive when their living conditions are stable, healthy and uncompromised by harmful substances and germs. We offer the right solutions to keep conditions under control in any circumstances: pond bottom management, water cleansing, microbial management, biofilm control and more.  All of our products come with expert advice to ensure the correct application for an optimal result. 

-       Water treatment

-       Soil treatment

-       Algal substitute

The essence of aquaculture will always remain the same: mastering the ability to turn fragile life into solid growth.
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Risk prevention is a must from hatchery to harvest

Attaining continuity in performance requires a solid risk prevention approach from hatchery to harvest. Threats to yield, such as disease, deformation and mortality, can be reduced or even eliminated by closely watching over the animals’ health.

We offer both preventive and curative solutions such as feed additives and state-of-the-art probiotics.

What sets us apart?

"Whenever we visit our clients – and we do so as often as we can – we listen and observe. What are their issues or concerns? And what solutions can we propose? This is what sets us apart from the competition: no off-the-shelf sales approach, but expert advice based on the thorough understanding of each individual case." Stelios Leontios, Commercial Director, INVE

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