All farming starts with a choice of genetics

Combining robust genetic material with our team’s insights into the key challenges facing our clients and partners allows us to drive real improvements in production efficiency traits, disease resistance and product quality.

We offer a full range of technical genetic services required for large-scale breeding programmes. Our in-house team have extensive experience in selective breeding, including programme design, genetic evaluations, inbreeding control, specialised software aiding data recording and selective operations.

Breeding-Genetics-Salmon-Ova-StofnFiskur Play the video "All farming starts with a choice of genetics" All farming starts with a choice of genetics

At the front line

Our world-leading genetics programmes cover salmon, tilapia and shrimp and other major farmed aquaculture species.

We are deploying the expertise developed over 30 years of salmon selection to other aquaculture species. Our established breeding lines, access to extensive data sets and front line knowledge, gives us the unique ability to transfer genomic knowledge to different species. Producing robust and healthy fish. 

We are a leading provider of technical genetic services across all of the major aquatic farmed species


At our state-of-the-art production sites, we produce fast-growing and robust Atlantic salmon ova every week of the year. We are the only company in the world to do so.​

In Iceland, our broodstock is reared in-house, in land-based facilities, which ensures outstanding biosecurity, enabling us to provide our customers with disease-free salmon ova. Our ability to supply these eggs outside of the natural salmon breeding season allows us to help optimise the salmon industry’s efficiency.

Our strategy is innovation led, making use of modern breeding technologies such as QTL, Genomic Selection, CrossBreeding and Triploid and organic ova.

Benchmark’s salmon ova are distributed worldwide to customers in Europe, Canada and Chile.


Tilapia broodstock and fry

This once little-known fish is fast becoming a seafood favourite, with global production rising 11 percent annually over the past decade making it the world’s second most farmed fish.

At our Spring Genetics land-based production site in Miami, the Spring-Tilapia® strain has been developed based on a selected family breeding program designed and supported technically by Akvaforsk Genetics Center (AFGC). We are one of only a few independent Tilapia breeding companies in the world, distributing the Spring-Tilapia® fingerlings and juveniles to grow-out farmers all over Latin America.

Tilapia fingerlings at Spring Genetics, Miami


Meeting global demand for pathogen-resistant shrimp.

It is estimated that up to 40% of tropical shrimp production is lost annually to disease, causing major economic impacts to producers. Our world-leading, South American L. vannamei shrimp breeding programme produces shrimp with high levels of resistance to some of the major diseases affecting the shrimp industry worldwide. 


Current and historical R&D programmes

We carry out contract research for the major consumer species salmon, tilapia and shrimp, and species growing in importance such as sea bass, sea bream, cobia, seriola and grouper.

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