We support customers around the world with leading research, trials, analysis and education that drive results and progress. Our team is on-hand around the clock to provide insight and expertise across a range of industry challenges.

We have a breadth of experience across aquaculture, agriculture and animal healthcare.

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Our global network of commercial farms and R&D sites gives us on-the-ground experience, enabling us to create the most effective solutions for our clients and partners.

We operate agriculture and aquaculture trials at our sites in the UK, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, US and Thailand. Find out more about our locations.

Our network of facilities across the globe also allows us to test a myriad of feeds and treatments in a controlled environment. This enables faster turnaround times and products to be developed entirely in-house to the strictest safety, quality and animal welfare standards.

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Providing actionable advice - deploying technical expertise and practical insight

We engage with producers and suppliers across the entire value chain to deliver strategies with sustainability at their core.

We help our clients to tackle supply chain challenges centered around the framework of the 3E’s — economics, ethics and environment. Our international team’s expertise stretches back from boardroom facilitation, to farming experience and veterinary practice meaning we provide services from strategy formulation to practical implementation.

Research conducted at our farm in Oxford, in partnership with McDonald’s UK, showed that planting at least 5% tree cover on a range reduced mortality in the flock and improved egg quality. McDonald’s UK featured the story of laying hens’ love for trees in one of their advertising campaigns. Find out more at FAI Farms.

As well as creating and applying knowledge, we believe in sharing it

Operating from five countries on three continents, we deliver interactive industry news and content direct to our customers.

We offer a wide range of e-learning and Continuing Personal Development (CPD) courses for people working in agriculture, aquaculture and the veterinary profession. In addition, our conferences and webinars provide a stage for knowledge transfer and the showcase of industry best practice.

Our teams work to ensure the breakthroughs we achieve are shared around the world, making best practice common practice.
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