Delivering business strategy with sustainability at its core

We engage with producers and suppliers across the entire value chain, and with external stakeholders in order to understand and overcome the challenges our partners face.

We help guide our partners on both business processes as well as scientific leadership on key issues. Our international team’s expertise stretches back from boardroom facilitation, to production experience and veterinary practice, to research scientists.

"80% of CEOs see sustainability as the primary route to growth and innovation, 93% see it as important to the future of their business." 2013 UN GLOBAL COMPACT-ACCENTURE CEO STUDY
Our approach is anchored in practical and technical on the ground experience. We understand the challenges our clients face and identify the best, leading edge science to address those challenges.

Hands in the water, feet in the mud

Our global network of commercial farms gives us a unique perspective, enabling us to create the most effective solutions for our clients and partners.

We operate agriculture and aquaculture trials at our sites in England, Brazil and Scotland.

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Ewes at FAI Oxford

Our Services

  • Tailored sustainability and leadership programmes
  • Research & technical advice
  • Stakeholder engagement projects
  • On-farm scientific trials
  • Data management
  • Communication strategy development
  • Training and events

We reinvent farming systems and practices around the fundamental biology of our environment and food animals, as well as our clients’ economic, environmental and ethical values.

FAI Ardtoe, Aquaculture Research Facility, Scotland

Stories with substance build trust

We help our partners’ demonstrate leadership by evidencing and communicating the purpose, value and progress of the work they are doing.

The value of communication efforts can be measured in many ways - investing in outward presentation and communications is critical to establishing presence in the market, to investors and in the minds of customers, as a responsible and trustworthy leader.

Research conducted at Benchmark’s farm in Oxford, in partnership with McDonald’s UK, showed that planting at least 5% tree cover on a range reduced mortality in the flock and improved egg quality. McDonald’s UK featured the story of laying hens’ love for trees in one of their advertising campaigns.
FAI-Oxford-Chicken-Pine Play the video "McDonald's TV Advertisement, 'Trees they are easy to overlook'" McDonald's TV Advertisement, 'Trees they are easy to overlook'

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