Online news

Operating from five countries on three continents we run 19 online media platforms and 12 digital magazines, delivering interactive industry news and content direct to the sectors we serve.

Since Google started counting in 2006, over 30 million people have read, referenced and relied upon our portfolio worldwide. The media created and delivered by the division sustains a global audience of over 6 million unique visitors per year.


Education and training

We offer a wide range of e-learning and Continuing Personal Development (CPD) courses for people working in agriculture, aquaculture and the veterinary profession.

In response to industry demand, our selection of courses is growing to cover key industry issues such as sea lice control in salmon and sustainable livestock management. We have partnered with Russell Group universities, St Andrews and Reading to deliver courses for undergraduate students up to MSc level.

We also offer face-to-face Continuing Professional Development courses, providing training and skills development for veterinarians and people working in agriculture, aquaculture and the companion animal industry.

Improve International's veterinary CPD demonstration


We run a number of conferences and webinars across Europe providing a stage for knowledge transfer and the showcase of industry best practice.

Conferences provide access to a wide-ranging client base, opportunities for community development and networking, and marketing for products and services. No other event provides such direct access to buyers and suppliers from around the globe.

"As well as creating and applying knowledge, we believe in sharing it." James Banfield, Director of Benchmark Technical Publishing


Working closely with veterinarians, agricultural journalists and academics, we have a portfolio of over 400 books, DVDs and digital media.

Over the last 17 years we have supplied a diverse range of resources covering topics from sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and animal welfare to farm equipment, machinery and new technology.

Working across the publishing process we provide services from commissioning and design through to marketing and production.

Selection of 5m print publications
"Our publishing division ensures the breakthroughs we achieve are shared around the world, making best practice common practice." James Banfield, Director of Benchmark Technical Publishing

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