Benchmark have built a technology platform to deliver this, through the combination of knowledge services, genetics, nutrition and health.

What we stand for

Our aim is to set a new benchmark for sustainable living — starting with food production. We do this by;

-       Harnessing the best expertise

-       Deploying cutting-edge technologies

-       Embedding ourselves alongside our customers, providing local support and expert advice in all key markets 

Fvg Inc

Taking aquaculture diagnostics into the digital age – we have transferred human cancer cell screening techniques to aquaculture enabling earlier disease identification. Find out more.

Salmo Breed Eggs

A leading provider of technical genetic services across all of the major aquatic farmed species. Find out more.

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Our technology is at the forefront of our industry. Our people are right there next to the farmers. Find out more.

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Improving and promoting the health and welfare of animals is core to our work. Find out more.