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Benchmark is setting a new environmental standard in the use of medicinal bath treatments. Medicines that are released into the sea are one of the biggest concerns in the aquaculture industry and represent a barrier to future growth.

CleanTreat®— Benchmark’s water purification system removes medicines from treatment water before being discharged back into the ocean. The system also filters and removes the organic material from the treatment water including sea lice, egg strings, fish scales and faecal matter, which is an essential development in combating parasitic resistance to medicines.

This new technology provides a significant step towards a future in which no chemicals are discharged into the sea.

Q&A with Neil Robertson, Benchmark’s Head of CleanTreat®

How has CleanTreat® advanced since it was first launched in 2017?

Since 2017, the CleanTreat®  water purification system has been deployed in Norway to support trials of our next generation sea lice treatment (BMK08). During this time our teams have worked extensively to optimise the operational aspects of the system to meet the needs of our customers.

Since the first system has been in operation we have increased the capacity and through-put by more than four times. The current system has purified more than 400,000m3 of treatment water during field trials in Norway – the equivalent to the amount of water that would be contained in 160 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Our ongoing in-house research has demonstrated that CleanTreat® can be applied broadly in medicinal treatments across the industry. We are very excited by this development which can have a significant impact on the sustainability of the whole aquaculture industry.

What stage is CleanTreat® at in terms of market readiness?

CleanTreat® is already supporting commercial farms and as such is market ready. The current focus of the system is to support trials of BMK08 but we anticipate the system being used more widely in the medium term.

By supporting producers in delivering effective treatments with minimal environmental impact we are creating a new milestone in sustainable aquaculture.