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CleanTreat® by Benchmark

Chemical-based bath treatments that are released into the environment is one of the biggest objections to the salmon farming industry.

CleanTreat® by Benchmark has been developed to purify treatment water used within contained treatment systems such as well boats. This breakthrough technology allows clean water to then be released back into the sea with no environmental impact.

Until recently, CleanTreat has been applied only to sea lice medicines, but the latest round of developments shows that the CleanTreat technology works on a wide range of existing and new medicines to treat multiple diseases in the aquaculture sector.

CleanTreat® represents a transformational change in the battle against one of the industry’s greatest challenges, and a step towards a future where no chemicals are applied directly into the oceans. It is testament to our world-class R&D team to bring this idea through to market.

John Marshall

Head of Benchmark Animal Health

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