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Innovation to Improve Water Quality

Benchmark is proud to be one of six organisations working in partnership to improve the quality of surface water across Europe. Funded by the EU ECO-INNOVATION initiative this €1m research project is developing a commercial Continuous Flow Integrative Sampler (CFIS-ECOPHARMA) to detect pharmaceutical compounds and pesticides in wastewater.

The device is based on the most advanced technology for extraction of pollutants in water allowing for detailed analysis of samples of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the water based on the use of solid absorbents.

The goal of the project is to provide a better understanding of the sources and prevalence of the contaminants found in water, and help meet new EU legislation standards for water pollution

The sampling campaigns started in late July 2015 at FAI Aquaculture’s Ardtoe Marine Research Site, and in late September in FRD and EMALCSA demo sites in Spain. Based on feedbacks from the first sampling campaigns, modifications were made to make the sampling device easier to use. In parallel project partners are developing a business plan for commercializing the device as well as organizing outreach workshops in Spain and the UK.

Mr. Carcajona said: “All companies dependent on high water quality will benefit from this device – both public and private – from aquaculture producers to providers of drinking water, sewage management authorities to pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.”

Click here to download an overview of CFIS sampling activities of wastewater from a fish hatchery, a hospital and a river used for drinking water.