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Raising the standard: RSPCA-Assured Salmon

In the UK, over half of the fish consumed is from farms. Salmon is the most commonly farmed species in the UK, with around 90% being produced in Scotland.

With over 3,000 members and backed by the UK government, RSPCA Assured is world-renown for its vision that all farm animals have a good life and are treated with compassion and respect. Its strict animal welfare standards across a host of farmed species cover the entire life of the animal from the health and diet to their environment and care. This includes things like space, light, bedding, transport and humane slaughter.

Setting the standard

RSPCA Assured are at forefront of developing and improving health and welfare standards for farmed fish, with aims to certify 90% of UK farmed fish over the next two years.

Benchmark’s aquaculture health team – led by Pete Southgate – worked closely with the RSPCA, representatives from the salmon industry and fish welfare groups to develop the Welfare Standards for Farmed Atlantic Salmon.

Over 70% of Scottish salmon is now farmed to the RSPCA’s standards and more salmon farmers throughout the UK are working to this standard than in any other farming sector.

“We’ve clearly shown that farming to RSPCA welfare standards makes good business – as well as good welfare – sense. Healthier fish and better bio-security means lower mortality, and therefore increased salmon production.” Bob Waller, Freedom Food’s Agricultural Manager

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