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Smart-Fish Data System for Fresh Fish Cold Chain Monitoring

Through our subsidiary, FAI Farms, Benchmark is a member of the collaborative project SmartFish (2015-2018), along with the University of Iceland, Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Hätälä (Finland) and Nofima (Norway).

The project, supported by the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme, has the aim of creating, making and testing a product service system that will help all parties involved to verify storage conditions and ensure the quality of fresh seafood.

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NPA Smart-Fish Project

The core product to be developed in SmartFish is a printed electronic label that can be attached to individual food packages for measuring temperature. These labels will then be supported by a telecommunication system, which receives temperature data from the labels, adds time and GPS positioning information and sends it to a Cloud system which stores and processes the data, and has a browser interface for users. These three elements provide a SmartFish system which allows the monitoring and tracking of sensitive goods during transport, from source to customer.

To introduce the SmartFish system to the industry and market project group members from Oulu University and FAI Farms co-wrote the paper, “Smart-Fish System for Fresh Fish Cold Chain Transportation – Overall Approach and Selection of Sensor Materials” which was accepted for oral presentation and publication as a full paper at the 21st Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunications (FRUCT) conference in November 2017.

Read the full report here.