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I am responsible for the health and welfare of all the animals that we keep in production, in order to supply our customer base with the best seeds possible.

Rudi Ripman Seim

Head of Fish Health, Benchmark Genetics, Norway

1. What is your job title?

Head of Fish Health at Benchmark Genetics.

2. How long have you been with Benchmark?

I have been with SalmoBreed since 2012 and with Benchmark since SalmoBreed joined Benchmark in December 2014.

3. Where were you before and why did you join Benchmark?

I was born and raised in the seafood capital of Norway, Bergen. I hold a Master of Aquamedicine Biology (MSc) and a bachelor of Economics and Administration. Prior to working for Benchmark, I worked in the feed industry supplying the global aquaculture feed industry with a range of functional ingredients for their speciality feeds.

4. Can you describe your role?

I am responsible for the health and welfare of the production animals of Benchmark Genetics so that the animals produces a healthy and strong offspring that is supplied to our customers.

5. What’s your favourite part of the role?

Being able to work across the full life cycle of the animals that we breed, alongside some of the best industry professionals. It is very much applied biology across a range of fields.

6. What’s your biggest challenge?

Currently I am focused on clearing my desk to make more room for the new tasks that will come! Most recently I have been working on Norwegian salmon egg production, both on research and fish health, so I have much to learn about our other species!

7. Tell us about the people you work with

The people I work with come from a range of different backgrounds. I work with a lovely set of people that I genuinely enjoy spending time with. The team is truly diverse, highly dynamic and from different cultures. I work closely with a team of fish veterinarians and aquamedicine biologists in numerous locations to ensure the welfare and health of the animals we produce.

8. If you were CEO for the day, what would you do?

I’d pick the day when we release ground-breaking news to the market to experience the different types of questions our many stakeholders may have.

Outside work Rudi and his family like to spend as much spare time as possible enjoying the outdoors