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13 September 2020

Benchmark shortlisted for three awards in the Aquaculture Awards 2020

An impressive range of companies, research organisations and individuals from around the world have made the shortlists for the 2020 Aquaculture Awards. These awards highlight the range of talent and cutting-edge advances in the technology involved in the global aquaculture sector. We are delighted to be among the companies nominated in different categories.

The three projects we have been shortlisted for are:

Benchmark Genetics/StofnFiskur – shortlisted for ‘Aquaculture Supplier of the Year’: Customer needs are of top priority for us. Delivering eggs all year round, StofnFiskur exports to 22 countries.

Benchmark Genetics – SalmoBreed Salten – shortlisted for ‘Animal Welfare’: SalmoBreed Salten is designed to hold the entire life cycle of broodstock on land, from egg to final mature broodstock. The result is the highest standards of biosecurity in the industry, which does not only provide high-quality ova to customers but also greatly benefits the welfare of the fish.

Benchmark Genetics / Nofima – shortlisted for ‘Collaboration’: Benchmark Genetics have worked in close collaboration with Nofima to successfully produce a resistant line for White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) in Pacific white Shrimp (Litopenaues vannamei) through genomic selection.

Winners will be announced via social media on Wednesday 16 September 2020.