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16 August 2017

CleanTreat by Benchmark

Bath treatments for sea lice that leave nothing behind but healthy fish and clean water

The CleanTreat process

Benchmark CEO Malcolm Pye has been at AquaNor – a major event in the aquaculture calendar – in Trondheim, Norway for the launch of CleanTreat, a new water purification system by Benchmark that he believes will revolutionise the fight against salmon lice.  

What is CleanTreat?

It is a purification system that cleanses the treatment water after delousing in well boats, ensuring the water is cleaned of all medicated particles before it is released into the environment. It also prevents treated lice from going back into the environment so that they do not spread resistance.

CleanTreat can be used on well boats, tankers, platforms and landbases and is effective against most available bath treatments for sea lice.

Chemical based bath treatments that are released into the environment – particularly the fjords in Norway – is one of the biggest objections to the salmon farming industry. CleanTreat solves this environmental challenge.

Does this replace the need for traditional sea lice treatments?

It is part of a toolbox of solutions. The aquaculture industry needs many different solutions to keep lice levels low.

The future lies in preventive methods against salmon lice, and Benchmark are working to develop such solutions. CleanTreat makes it possible to use medicines without affecting the environment in situations where it is necessary and until we have adequate preventive methods.

CleanTreat is a new product. It will be further developed with the aquaculture industry. The next steps are large-scale trials in partnership with Norwegian fish farms.

Why did you choose AquaNor to introduce CleanTreat?

We see Norway as a strong global player in aquaculture. Norway has technologically the most advanced industry, and a very strong salmon industry. And most of the technology has been developed over the last 30 years.

We cannot catch more fish in the ocean than we do today. So all the growth will come from farming and the aquaculture arena.

There are people all over the world discussing how to solve the extra demand for marine proteins that will come. Norway has been developing the technology to address these challenges for many years already.

While Norway is usually perceived as a small and peripheral market internationally, the situation is quite the opposite in aquaculture. Not only are the largest aquaculture companies in the world Norwegian, but large global suppliers in the international food industry are flowing to Norway as their main market.

Øistein Thorsen

Director at Benchmark