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7 July 2015

Fish Vet Group Achieves USDA APHIS Approval

Fish Vet Group is pleased to announce the laboratory assays offered by their facility in Portland, Maine have achieved USDA APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) approval.

The custom built laboratory, advanced diagnostic tools and specialized veterinarians and diagnosticians have passed the stringent assessment by the USDA. This allows the facility to provide inspection and health certification in support of inter-state and international movement of live aquatic animals.

“As a specialized, aquatic diagnostic laboratory we have the expertise and experience to help fish farmers in the U.S. not only meet all their legal requirements, but also help prevent and manage disease outbreaks, improve efficiency and ultimately raise profitability. We are looking forward to the opportunities this approval will provide, and are excited to work with other veterinarians, health advisors and producers throughout the country, continuing to influence and improve the health of aquatic animals”.

More information on Fish Vet Group can be found on their global site or by calling the U.S. facility direct at +1 207 699 5901 or emailing

All of our facilities and applicable diagnostic tests have been assessed and passed by the USDA. This allows us to offer accredited fish health inspections and certification to the aquaculture industry, in addition to our veterinary and pathology services. With all of this housed in one laboratory we are in a unique position to offer a full aquatic health service package