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1 April 2015

Our seas, Our fish, Our food – a brand with purpose

Espersen is a major global processor and supplier of frozen fish. FAI has been working closely with Espersen since 2012 to develop their sustainability leadership program and help them project a brand with purpose.

Meeting the challenge

Our first task together was to help establish the company’s reach, and areas of responsibility. To do this we deployed our 3Es framework – mapping all the Economic, Environmental and Ethical issues that arise along Espersen’s value chain. From the boats, fishermen and fisheries upstream in the supply chain, to the processing plants and stores.

Through this process we identified myriad issues ranging from quality and traceability of raw materials, GHG emissions, food waste, worker health and welfare, human rights, ocean acidification and healthy fish stocks. This broad approach ensured that no issue was left out and it provided a solid evidence base for Espersen’s new corporate brand and strategy: “ Our seas, Our fish, Our food.”

Designing sustainability

The strategy and plan of action has 5 areas of focus;

  1. Fish Stock Management – where we are developing a state-of-the-art data system to link scientific data about the health of fisheries to Espersen’s purchasing decisions.
  2. Trawler gear technology – where Espersen is taking a lead role to help innovate truly disruptive ways to harvest fish from the sea that will reduce the industry’s environmental footprint.
  3. Marine Ecosystem Management– where we focus on our opportunities to inform the decision making and management of the marine ecosystem our business relies on.
  4. Energy & Waste – where we are reducing our energy use and investing in renewables at our cites.
  5. Worker Health and Welfare – where we are, among other things, proactively working to address the issues associated with repetitive work.

Good for business

As people’s interest in how their food is produced continues to grow, FAI provides companies like Espersen with evidence based practical advise and solutions that leave our clients confident about the integrity of their supply chain. That doesn’t just feel good – its good for business and the world.