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25 January 2021

The first locally produced SagaChile ova is a reality

Benchmark Genetics Chile (BGCL) has succesfully concluded the first local egg production of its SagaChile strain in Chile, following Benchmark strategy to be present in the major salmon producing countries.

“This successful initial local production of SagaChile ova represents a solid step forward in our plan to establish Benchmark Genetics as a quality option of locally produced ova in Chile. It is confirmation of well carried out plans and strategies, providing a solid answer to the expectations generated in the Chilean salmon industry.”, commented Pablo Mazo, General Manager at BGCL.

“This moment marks an excellent starting point for BGCL’s improved genetic material and inspires us to continue developing our strain, continually adapting it to present and future local challenges.”, Pablo explains.

Benchmark Genetics Chile will be able to supply locally produced eggs 52 weeks a year. Image: BGCL.

The process

It has been a challenging yet exciting process, with many hours of hard work, enormous commitment, and demands on the capacity of BGCL’s team. Four years of caring for our first breeders since their arrival in Chile in 2017, ensuring the best strategies, processes, and environment for their optimal development.

For the local salmon industry, the benefit is materialized in stronger competition, driving the development of more and better products by the different genetic suppliers.” – PABLO MAZO, GENERAL MANAGER AT BENCHMARK GENETICS CHILE


The performance data of Benchmark Genetics’ original strain collected in 33 AquaChile centers shows very competitive growth (GF3), low impact of SRS on total mortality, and high yield or performance measured as g/smolt/lapse reaching more than 430g/month. In addition, the strain presented a high yield per smolt reaching an average of 5kg/smolt at harvest.

These are very encouraging sets of data. We can only assume that this new generation of locally produced ova will significantly surpass its predecessors, as we have focused the selection based on diseases present in Chile while maintaining pressure on growth and late maturity.”, Pablo Mazo concluded.

SagaChile Salmon Ova from Benchmark Genetics.
SagaChile Salmon Ova from Benchmark Genetics.
Benchmark Genetics Chile team during the spawning process.