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01 Sep 2020

Benchmark Holdings 'moving towards being a streamlined and profitable company
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20 November 2020

Every second salmon in Europe originates from Benchmark Genetics

Many people working in the aquaculture industry, will have realised that Benchmark Genetics is a significant supplier of ova to Norwegian hatcheries. Still, the fact that the company also has extensive market shares in Europe is perhaps less well known. When Benchmark Genetics recently settled the status, they found that approximately every second salmon produced in Europe has its genetic […]

9 November 2020

Benchmark Genetics signs seven-year agreement with Norwegian land-based salmon project Salmon Evolution

Benchmark Genetics has signed a seven-year agreement to exclusively supply Norwegian land-based salmon project Salmon Evolution with salmon eggs. Salmon Evolution and Benchmark Genetics Norway have entered into an agreement on collaboration on genetics, ova, product deliveries and expertise development related to related to land-based salmon farming. The salmon genetics will be optimized for land-based farming with an emphasis on growth, […]

3 November 2020

Benchmark Genetics has signed a 5-year ova agreement with AquaCon

The contract between Benchmark Genetics and AquaCon involves deliveries of genetics to the land-based facilities that AquaCon are planning to build in Maryland, USA. Benchmark’s Icelandic company, StofnFiskur, will supply approximately 40 million ova to AquaCon over five years. The agreement confirms and consolidates Benchmark’s strong position as a genetics supplier to land-based farming worldwide. Benchmark Genetics has been producing […]

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